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CBD for Alzheimer’s Disease

In addition to medication and therapy, the use of CBD for Alzheimer’s is being studied as a means of slowing the degenerative disease and of increasing the quality of life of those who suffer from it. Many of these studies are producing surprising results – including evidence that CBD may be just as effective, or more effective, than certain pharmaceutical treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease.

One recent study, conducted at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University, produced some astonishing findings:

  • CBD improved the cognition of study subjects suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, by reducing inflammation in the brain and enabling better neuronal communication.
  • The brain’s ability to break down and remove beta-amyloid plaque increased significantly. (This is the plaque which causes the brain damage symptomatic of Alzheimer’s Disease.)
  •  CBD improved the formation of cells which repair damage to the neurons in the brain.
  • CBD appears to largely prevent the ‘cytokine storm’ that is characterized by severe inflammation in the brain, and also manifests in the lungs as a well-known symptom of Covid-19 infection.

(Study summary and references:

Because Alzheimer’s is regarded as a severe disease for which there is currently no available cure, the emphasis for many people is on slowing the progression of the disease and reducing its severity. Because of this, the treatment of Alzheimer’s symptoms with CBD has attracted intense interest.

As Alzheimer’s Disease progresses, sufferers often experience a range of other health concerns and psychological issues. With the onset of forgetfulness, there is often a period of increased stress and anxiety, in addition to symptoms like increased aggression or depression. CBD has been proven to help regulate anxiety, while inducing a greater sense of calmness, as it assists the brain with Dopamine production and reduces physical tension.

Certain symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease, like agitation and psychosis, have traditionally been managed by the administration of antipsychotic medications – which often carry the risk of additional side effects. In comparison, CBD has been shown to deliver the same therapeutic benefit, but without any discernible side effects or potential for toxicity.

So, although CBD for Alzheimer’s does not present a ‘cure’ for the disease, evidence indicates that it can play an enormously positive role in managing the symptoms, bringing greater calmness and comfort to sufferers, and aiding with other challenges such as loss of appetite and muscular degeneration.

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