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A great deal of research is beginning to show the potential anti-tumor effects of CBD, and although there is no conclusive evidence to confirm that it is fully effective, early results and case studies appear very promising.

Tumors are growths triggered by the presence of cancer cells in the human body, and they can be benign (harmless) or malignant (potentially very harmful, often displaying aggressive growth and causing the destruction of healthy tissue.

Tumors can appear anywhere in the body, although the most invasive tumors typically affect organs such as the lungs or brain.

For anyone diagnosed with a tumor, there are several options and courses of treatment, although no current treatments have proven to be 100% effective in every case. Conventional medical options include surgical removal, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy (and sometimes a combination of these). A tumor diagnosis can be very worrying and unsettling, and the illness itself is often compounded by the stress and anxiety which it incurs.

The effects of CBD in reducing stress, modulating anxiety, and regulating the brain and nervous system have been well documented. However, there is a possibility that CBD may be able to do more than just address the symptoms related to a tumor or cancer-related diagnosis, as well as helping alleviate physical discomfort or pain which may occur as well.

A very recent study conducted in the UK on a lung cancer patient has delivered some interesting findings. An 80-year-old woman, diagnosed with lung tumors, declined surgery and other conventional treatment due to her ill-health and potential inability to cope with the side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Instead, she self-administered daily doses of CBD oil, opting for the strategy of using CBD to help fight tumors, and the medical team monitoring her health discovered that her lung tumors shrank considerably without further growth or spread of the disease.

(The study report can be viewed here:

Disclaimer: If you have been diagnosed with a tumor or any other serious medical ailment, we recommend that you always follow the directions of your healthcare practitioner. This article should not be construed as medical advice related to cancer or any other medical condition.

In addition to the study quoted above, several other studies have indicated a strong correlation between the ingestion of CBD and the regression of tumors under laboratory conditions. One such study on the use of CBD as a promising anti-cancer option can be viewed at / .

In addition to the potential anti-tumor effects of CBD, patients who have had surgery or received therapy may find that CBD can be extremely helpful in assisting with pain relief, reducing nausea, stimulating appetite, and reducing the anxiety or stress often associated with cancer treatment.