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CBD to relieve anxiety and depression

In today’s fast-paced world, where stress affects both physical and psychological health, many people are embracing the use of CBD for anxiety.

If you are suffering from acute anxiety or depression, we recommend that you consult with a suitably qualified healthcare practitioner.  

In cases of chronic pain or inflammation, where symptoms persist and reoccur over a lengthy period of time (often increasing gradually), many people are hesitant to rely exclusively on pharmaceuticals for relief and seek out natural remedies to support conventional medical treatment.

The use of CBD for anxiety and depression treatment is not a new concept – the first clinical studies into its effectiveness were conducted in the 1980s, where it was shown to produce a calming effect in people who were suffering from paranoid anxiety and psychological stress. And, currently, there are 3 studies underway, which have already delivered astonishing findings. The preliminary findings indicate that CBD has a proven effect in the treatment of several anxiety and depression-related disorders:

  • Social Anxiety Disorder (where sufferers struggle to socialize in large groups, have a dread of public speaking, and suffer from impediments like stuttering).
  • PTSD (encompassing a range of traumas, from childhood trauma to war veterans and more).
  • Compulsive disorders and phobias, in addition to addictive behaviour.
(A summary of these studies, with links to each study, can be viewed at .)
The consensus among most researchers at present is that although the precise interaction between CBD and the nervous system receptors is still being documented in greater detail, there is no doubt that CBD is a powerful natural anti-anxiety and anti-depression option.

The use of CBD for depression is widespread and has been proven to be highly effective. However, if you are suffering from acute or chronic depression, we advise seeing a qualified healthcare practitioner first before embarking on any specific course of treatment. CBD can be an extremely effective and low-cost solution to recurring or persistent depression, because CBD molecules bind to the brain’s neuroreceptors in the same way as the cannabinoid hormones naturally produced within the human body. This has a calming and stabilizing effect on brain chemistry and helps regulate mood (
There is one very important aspect of CBD use that is mentioned in the studies quoted above, and that is the fact that CBD use does not create any chemical dependency or incur any addictive behaviour. Because of this, the use of CBD for anxiety is a safe and sustainable option for most people.
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