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The use of CBD for diabetes prevention is a relatively new area of study that is already delivering some interesting findings and promising results.

Diabetes is a disease which affects a disproportionately large percentage of the population in many developed countries. In the US alone, almost one out of ten people is diagnosed with diabetes at some point in their lifetime.

Although lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet and regular exercise should be a priority, there are other strategies that may also assist with the prevention and treatment of diabetes. One of these is the use of CBD, and although there are no long-term study findings which prove conclusively that CBD is completely effective, some research indicates that it may be a viable addition to a diabetes prevention or treatment program.

In one notable study conducted by the American Diabetes Association, 60 subjects were given measured doses of CBD and their physiological responses were monitored. The preliminary results were extremely encouraging, with significant improvements being noted for glycemic profiles (blood sugar levels), the regulation of insulin sensitivity, liver triglyceride levels, and much more.

There was a positive effect of levels of adipose tissue (or bodyfat), as well as improvements in vascular function and the reduction of tissue inflammation that is a well-known destructive symptom of diabetes.

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The reported benefits are not only useful for those already suffering from diabetes, but also for individuals who wish to address the effects of pre-diabetic insulin resistance and prevent the onset of more serious levels of the disease.

Please note: We recommend that you follow the advice of your healthcare practitioner before commencing the use of CBD. This article should not be construed as medical advice.

In addition to helping to treat diabetes with CBD, there are other benefits to CBD consumption. CBD has been proven to regulate mood, regulate appetite, and reduce impulsive behavior – all of which are linked to dietary patterns which may cause the onset of diabetes over time. For those with a genetic predisposition to diabetes, the use of CBD may be a very valuable tool in helping to maintain lifestyle habits with diabetes prevention in mind.

For people already suffering from diabetes, CBD can be a useful addition to medication, insulin administration, and other therapies – for example, in helping alleviate the pervasive nerve pain and discomfort which is often associated with diabetes.

The study of CBD for diabetes prevention is gaining momentum - and may offer an extremely beneficial option to those suffering from diabetes.