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CBD Oil For Your Cat

CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular as a supplement for cats. So, how does CBD oil make a cat feel?
Unlike Catnip, which often causes cats to become hyperactive, aggressive, or disorientated due to over-stimulation of the Hypothalamus within the brain, CBD oil is perfectly safe and does not contain any THC or psychoactive compound which affects the brain. CBD has a well-documented calming effect on cats (and most animals) and is most frequently used to assist with pain relief, skin irritations or conditions, as an appetite stimulant, and to aid with mobility in the case of feline osteoarthritis.
There are other, more serious conditions which affect cats, such as seizures, cancer, and chronic injuries. Here, CBD oil acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and reduces discomfort and pain, while calming your cat and alleviating distress.
Even in cases where cats are not ill or injured, a moderate dose of CBD oil taken as a supplement is still very beneficial, because it stimulates the cat’s immune system, which means greater resistance to infections and viruses. In older cats, where joint or muscle movement may be impaired, the combination of pain relief and physical relaxation can enable your cat to enjoy better mobility and independence.
The use of CBD oil for cats seizures is also becoming more widely accepted, with many veterinarians recommending CBD as a valuable supplement in managing the duration and severity of seizure episodes.  This in turn reduces the likelihood of injuries or accidents, especially if your cat is not immediately within reach.
On a more subtle level, CBD oil for cats has a remarkable regulatory effect on feline behavior, by ensuring that there is a reduction in excessive neuron activity (electrical overstimulation) in your cat’s brain. This results in a calmer, happier, more contented cat.
Cats are also notorious for being sensitive to change, and certain events can trigger significant distress – for example, when moving house, adjusting to the arrival of a new pet or a child, or separation anxiety if humans take on a new job or go on vacation. CBD does a wonderful job of alleviating these stresses and calming your cat.
Many cats suffer from progressive kidney disease as they age, and here, CBD oil for cats with kidney disease can also be extremely helpful. Kidney disease in cats affects the entire system, and apart from pain or discomfort, also affects appetite while often causing nausea, dehydration, and symptoms such as depression.
CBD for cats is highly recommended for helping to alleviate and manage symptoms like these and is regarded as being a perfectly natural and safe option.
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