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CBD Oil For Your Dog

If you’re looking at the option of CBD oil for your dog, one of the first comparisons that you might encounter is the question of hemp oil vs CBD oil for dogs.
The difference between the two is very simple: both are extracted from the hemp or cannabis plant, but hemp oil (or hemp seed oil, to be more accurate) is an oil derived from cold pressing the plant’s seeds. This means that hemp seed oil contains virtually no CBD, although it’s rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Gamma-Linoleic Acid or GLA, and other amino acids that are really healthy. 
However, CBD oil, in addition to providing these nutrients, also of course contains cannabinoids (CBD itself), which serve to provide a host of benefits, including:
  • Pain relief for dogs
  • Anxiety relief for dogs
  • Greater joint mobility for dogs and relief from arthritis
  • Immune system support for dogs
Even minor issues like car sickness can be treated very successfully with CBD oil for dogs.
If you’d like to know how to give CBD oil to dogs, the good news is that there are a number of tasty, easy options available. In most cases, dogs are very happy to take edibles – so CBD-infused treats or biscuits are very popular! If for some reason you find that your dog is hesitant, you can also add a drop of oil to your dog’s food and adjust the dose by observing your dog’s behavior over time. Sensitivity is key here – start off carefully with a small portion and increase the CBD dose slightly if needed.
Many veterinarians recommend giving your dog CBD oil twice per day in small doses for best results. You should experiment to see what works for your dog, and particularly when dealing with pain-related conditions like osteoarthritis, the twice-a-day approach is likely to be more effective.
There are other, more serious ailments which can benefit from the use of CBD oil for your dog. These include seizures and even cancer. Bear in mind that CBD has not been proven to actually heal these diseases but provides a tremendous amount of pain relief and psychological relief when dealing with the symptoms.
CBD oil for vestibular disease in dogs has proven remarkably effective, too. Although vestibular disease (a malfunction of the inner ear causing vertigo and balance issues) is not fatal or even dangerous, it can cause enormous stress and panic in dogs. It also causes severe nausea, which inhibits your dog from eating or drinking (which can be dangerous). 
Supplementation with CBD oil provides a great deal of relief and helps calm your dog, providing a safe alternative to drugs while restoring appetite. 
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