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CBD Oil And The Human Body

One of the most frequently asked questions from people considering using CBD oil is: “How long does CBD oil stay in your system?”
The answer to this is that it can vary – sometimes, quite a lot. Because CBD is fat-soluble, it’s typically stored in the body’s fat cells, and the length of time it stays in your system is often related to your bodyweight or BMI.
In other words, the higher your body mass, the longer CBD takes to completely dissipate. In a smaller person, all traces could completely vanish within 2-3 days, but for some individuals, this can take up to 2 weeks.
Another factor that plays a role is the method of CBD delivery into your body. If CBD is vaped, for example, it’s taken up almost directly to the brain via your olfactory sensors and nerves. However, although this may sound like a good idea, the effect is generally very short-lived, and the temporary exposure may not translate to beneficial effects throughout your whole body. On the other hand, if you take CBD oil, it’s absorbed sublingually (under your tongue) or via your stomach, where it enters the bloodstream and is circulated throughout the entire body.
This also means that it is retained within the body’s cells for a longer period, which is great news in terms of its therapeutic and wellness-enhancing benefits. 
So, for those who are perhaps trying CBD oil for the first time, what does CBD oil taste like?
In its purest form, CBD oil is quite bitter, but it’s most frequently mixed with a neutral or lightly flavored carrier oil to enhance the taste and make it more palatable. Many manufacturers use a natural hemp oil, which is nutty in flavor and offsets the sharpness of the CBD itself. Generally, though, most people describe the taste of CBD oil as being earthy or slightly grassy (in a good way!). 
Of course, CBD can be taken directly as an oil, or mixed into gummies, baked edibles, and so much more – the choice is yours. Bear in mind that the dose you take will also determine how much remains in your system and how long it takes to metabolize. So, the next time someone asks: “how long does CBD oil stay in your system?”, you might want to refer them to this article!