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CBD to relieve pain and inflammation

Using CBD for pain relief is not a new discovery – CBD has been used in many cultures throughout the ages as a means of easing pain and discomfort.

In cases of chronic pain or inflammation, where symptoms persist and reoccur over a lengthy period of time (often increasing gradually), many people are hesitant to rely exclusively on pharmaceuticals for relief and seek out natural remedies to support conventional medical treatment.

It's important to note that if you do suffer from any ailment, your priority should be to see your doctor or healthcare practitioner, and to follow their recommendations. However, in cases where low to moderate pain still persists after treatment (and particularly in situations where conventional medicine or pharmaceutical treatment is not necessary), several studies demonstrate that CBD may be of great value in relieving pain and inflammation. Examples of situations like these could include chronic arthritis, inflammatory skin conditions, or residual long-term pain resulting from injury or surgery.

In a recent study conducted at Syracuse University in May 2021, researchers made several remarkable discoveries. The overwhelming effectiveness of CBD for pain relief was demonstrated in a series of experiments which used CBD, a placebo, and even misinformation given to participants to ‘trick’ them and ensure responses were accurate. The study also provides great insight into the relationship between physical pain and psychological or emotional discomfort, demonstrating that the two are interlinked and influence each other.
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This discovery is highly significant, because in addition to treating pain and reducing inflammation with CBD, many CBD users can attest to the well-known calming and mood-enhancing properties of CBD. This means that CBD not only effectively addresses the physical symptoms of pain and inflammation, but also assists in regulating the psychological and emotional distress associated with persistent pain.

The degree to which our bodies register pain and inflammation is influenced by the activity of pain receptors within the central nervous system. CBD is able to interact with these receptors and alter the way in which the brain perceives pain. This process is almost exactly the same as the process created within the body by chemical painkillers like opioids, but without the risk of addiction, and is provided by an all-natural and safe source of pain relief.

In the light of studies that demonstrate these advantages, using CBD for pain relief makes a lot of sense, and has resulted in many people choosing the natural route to greater well-being.

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