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CBD for Parkinson’s Disease


The use of CBD for Parkinson’s is a field of study which is quickly gaining traction among medical researchers and advocacy groups worldwide. Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive condition that mainly affects middle-aged and elderly people, and is characterized by tremors, muscular rigidity, and slow or imprecise movements. 

In addition, it affects memory and brain function – which means that the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease often requires a multifaceted approach. Because Parkinson’s is caused by nerve damage in the brain, and a reduction in the body’s production of the hormone Dopamine, any treatment that slows or addresses these causes is likely to slow the progression of the disease and enhance the quality of life of those suffering from Parkinson’s.

A study conducted at the University Of Sao Paulo in Brazil, among others, has delivered promising results which indicate that CBD is an effective method of alleviating several of the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. In this study, participants given CBD demonstrated a reduction in motor impairment as well as a reduction in sleep impairment, with no notable side effects. In addition, participants reported a significant reduction in anxiety, combined with enhanced perception of quality of life.

Other studies into the treatment of Parkinson’s symptoms with CBD are delivering very promising findings. Most significantly, a separate study reported in the European Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology indicates that CBD may assist with neuroprotective effects that are specific to the ganglia – the base region of the brain which is primarily damaged due to Parkinson’s Disease. Although these results are not conclusive, and more study is needed, there is a body of evidence which points toward the fact that CBD is a low-cost and natural supplement to pharmaceutical treatments, with little to no side effects.

(The report on the European study can be viewed here: 

Crucially, a recent study at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, has demonstrated that there is evidence that CBD may increase Dopamine levels in the brain – and because a lack of Dopamine is the primary cause of the nerve degeneration caused by Parkinson’s Disease, this is a very important area of study.

For now, it’s sufficiently evident that CBD for Parkinson’s is a viable and natural aid to managing the symptoms of the disease – and it is available to everyone.

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