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For many people, taking CBD tablets is a daily habit.

There are many reasons why tablets and capsules are popular choices for CBD users, and the most often quoted advantage is that it’s incredibly convenient.

There’s no need to measure out of a dropper, and the time saved is considerable – especially if you lead a busy lifestyle. It also means that you can take tablets or capsules with you when you go out, whether it’s a visit or a longer trip. There’s less risk of breakage or spillage, and it takes up a lot less space.

A tablet or capsule is also a logical choice if you’re after exact dosages, and these can either be prepared beforehand to your exact specifications, or purchased, in doses and strengths that are identical each time.

Another factor that comes up from time to time is taste. CBD oil, taken on its own, can have a slightly sharp taste. It’s an acquired taste, and while some people grow to love it, there are others who’d prefer to disguise it. A capsule is the most logical way of ingesting CBD – without diluting it – and ensuring you get the best possible benefit from it.

In cases where CBD is being administered to people who are ill or elderly, this is also the most practical and convenient solution. Someone may be feeling ill or nauseated, and to take CBD in other forms can be difficult. In some cases, CBD capsules can be opened in order to mix the CBD in with a food or drink item if necessary – and the dosage remains consistent.

There is also the consideration of delivery time. CBD oil, if taken directly, is partially absorbed through the membranes and cells in the area under the tongue, which means that the CBD takes effect more quickly. However, if that isn’t a concern, the CND tablets or capsules is a more convenient option. In some cases, the CBD in a capsule can also be combined with other health-enhancing supplements to add to the effectivity of the CBD.

Whether you take CBD tablets or CBD capsules is up to you – but either way, remember to take them!