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CBD Treats For Your Cat

With the increasing popularity of CBD treats for cats, it’s helpful to understand just why CBD offers such a wide range of health benefits for pets.
In addition to its well-known qualities as a general health and pain relief supplement, CBD for cats offers some very specific advantages in the case of illness or discomfort. Cats are incredibly resilient and will often not display outward signs of pain or discomfort. Particularly in cases where low-grade pain is present – for example, with arthritis or recurring injury – it’s a good idea to take a preventative approach to ensuring your cat’s comfort and wellbeing.
If you’re considering CBD for your cat, there are some factors you should take into account. First, your cat’s size – because a Maine Coon will require a larger daily CBD dose than a smaller housecat, for example. It’s really important to read the recommendations and instructions on CBD treat packaging, and of course to always start off with a relatively low dose and then slowly increase it. Monitor your cat’s comfort levels and response to the dosage, and you’ll soon be able to gauge how much is necessary.
Your cat’s age may also be a factor – firstly, because of potential illness or discomfort in older cats, and secondly, in terms of choosing the right treat. Generally, older cats prefer softer, chewy treats rather than hard crunchy cookies (although there are exceptions!). For senior cats, soft chews or food toppers are generally a safer option.
In addition to treating or even preventing physical pain, you can also administer CBD treats for cats anxiety. Felines are often highly strung – they’re natural hunters and explorers, after all – and can react negatively to over-stimulation or environmental stress. Here, CBD-infused treats for cats are really helpful, because CBD helps regulate excessive brain activity and nervous system overstimulation.
Cats can be notoriously picky eaters, and CBD has a very distinctive taste unless it’s been blended with a gentle carrier oil or ‘disguised’ by being mixed into a cookie or paste. For that reason, it’s not advisable to try and give your cat CBD oil unless it’s been prepared as part of a cat treat – which also helps regulate the dosage your cat receives. Most veterinarians recommend small CBD treats for cats twice a day to ensure optimum health and well  being.
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