For Cats

The facts about your cat and CBD 

There is a growing awareness of the effectiveness of CBD for cats as a natural treatment for a variety of ailments, and with good reason. 

As cat lovers, we’re sensitive to the nuances and changes in behavior that tell us our feline friends are unhappy about something. There’s nothing more distressing than having a cat who is visibly agitated, distressed, perhaps depressed, or who has been diagnosed with an illness – and not knowing what to do for them. Of course, a visit to your veterinarian is the first priority, but you can also treat distress, pain, or illness by understanding exactly how CBD can benefit your cat and using it accordingly.
Cats, as with all animals, have an endocannabinoid system, and this system plays an important role in keeping them healthy. The body itself produces cannabinoids internally (which are actually an element of CBD), and these cannabinoids affect almost every single bodily function. In essence, they act as ‘messengers’ which tell the endocrine and nervous system what to do in order to keep functioning normally.
In the event of disruption to your cat’s health – whether it’s mild, like chronic anxiety or low-grade pain, or much more serious, like the onset of seizures or even cancer – CBD offers some truly amazing benefits. And, just like the cannabinoids that your cat’s body produces naturally, the cannabinoids in CBD help ‘deliver messages’ via the endocannabinoid system in order to help with pain relief, reduction of inflammation, and neuroprotection. 
Is CBD safe for cats?
The short answer: yes. CBD is extremely safe for your cat, and has virtually no adverse side effects, apart from a calming influence and increased drowsiness, which is a commonly reported side effect. In terms of dosage, around 2mg per 10 pounds, administered twice per day, is the accepted norm for cats, although studies show that even double that dose does not lead to any harm.
The easiest way to administer CBD to your cat is to mix the CBD product into food, and you can add to the attractiveness by blending it with a little sardine or fish oil – your cat will love this and lick up every last morsel.
In contrast to ailments with easily identifiable external symptoms, like arthritis or seizures for example, your cat may instead be suffering from something like a urinary tract infection, or inflammatory bowel disease, conditions that are acutely uncomfortable and painful, and sometimes difficult to medicate without resorting to drugs that are both costly and which carry significant risk of side effects.
Once again, CBD is a great alternative (or supplement) to standard treatments for conditions like these, and as your pet’s best friend, you’re ideally positioned to gauge the effectiveness and alter the dosage accordingly. 
Lastly, it’s not uncommon for cats to sometimes be highly strung – a product of urban environments, perceived territorial encroachment, or simply stress – and the use of CBD for cats to reduce anxiety or aggression is well known. A calmer, more stable cat is a happier cat, and personally, there’s nothing we love seeing more than happy cats.
Take a look at our range of CBD products, and take the first step toward enhancing the health and well-being of your cat today.